FanDuel Sportsbook PA

One of the strongest names in sports betting, bettors in Pennsylvania welcomed FanDuel with open arms.?FanDuel Sportsbook PA offers players in the Keystone State a large membership, competitive odds, and a top-notch sports betting app. It currently ranks as one of the most popular online sportsbooks in Pennsylvania.

Who Should Try The FanDuel Sportsbook PA?

The competitive odds, wide range of events, and excellent brand reputation make the FanDuel PA sportsbook worthy of consideration for both seasoned and new sports bettors.

In 2019, this popular Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform expanded to include an online sportsbook and casino, making it a well-rounded outlet for all types of gamblers (except online poker players).? And if you?re over 21 and located in Pennsylvania, you have access to all of its products.

In this FanDuel sportsbook Pennsylvania review, we?ll go over everything you need to know about one of the leading sports betting platforms in the state.?

FanDuel PA Sportsbook Promo Code For June 2020

Risk-Free Bet$500
What States Allow SportsbookNJ, PA, WV, IN, CO
Casino's Land-Based PartnerValley Forge Casino Resort
Promo Code Verified ForJune 2020

FanDuel Sports Betting In PA: Bonus And Promotional

Grade: 4.0/5.0

Some online sportsbooks in PA need to compete against the name recognition of FanDuel and DraftKings, which is why competitors offer better welcome bonuses to attract new players. Some offer to match first deposits up to $250.?

That?s not to say that FanDuel?s welcome bonus is worthless, it?s just not nearly as enticing. It is, however, a good way to get introduced to this online sportsbook.

The FanDuel sportsbook in PA offers a risk-free first-time bet up to $500. That means if you lose your first bet on the site, they?ll refund the full amount, and you can simply bet again.

However, the promotional offers at FanDuel PA once you?re a member are impressive. They will vary depending on the season and the sports going on that day or week, but you can always find something you?ll be tempted by.

One unique example is a golf promotion they ran wherein players received bonus cash for every hole won, even if you don?t win the overall bet.

The ongoing bonus offers include correctly guessing scores, prize pool tournaments, and risk-free bets like the welcome bonus.

FanDuel PA also rewards players with loyalty program points as well as a friend referral program.

FanDuel Sportsbook In Pennsylvania: Odds Vs The Competition

Grade: 5.0/5.0

The larger the membership, the better the odds. That?s why brands like FanDuel PA and DraftKings don?t need to offer these huge welcome bonuses ? they have the brand recognition that doesn?t require it.

If you?re betting on sports on a regular basis, it?s likely more important to focus on the competitive odds rather than the welcome bonuses. Then again, there?s nothing stopping you from joining more than one sportsbook.

In fact, many of the most active sports bettors will join more than one online sportsbook in Pennsylvania specifically to compare the odds. In some cases, you?ll find the same points spread with different odds, so you?d bet on the one that pays out the most.

But the point here is that, more often than not, the FanDuel PA sportsbook odds are usually the same or better than anywhere else. And it?s for the same reason their and DraftKings? DFS tournaments have the largest prize pools: membership quantity.

FanDuel PA Sportsbook: Market Depth And Variety

Grade: 5.0/5.0

The FanDuel PA Sportsbook market depth and variety are enormous and cover every legal bet an American can place. That means every type of team sport, individual contest, and racing event. This includes high-profile events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, World Series, and March Madness. It also includes everyday contests like game one of an MLB regular-season series.?

FanDuel offers these different types of bets:

  • Spreads
  • Moneylines
  • Over/Under
  • Parlays
  • Props (AKA in-game/live betting)
  • Futures

A feature of FanDuel PA that also extends to all online sportsbooks is the ability to watch games live directly through the site. This feature is especially useful for prop betting.

The navigation of the FanDuel sports betting site in Pennsylvania is clean and intuitive no matter the platform you?re using, be it desktop or mobile. You can access the entire list of markets on the app or through a browser.

You can also use the same FanDuel PA account for the DFS and casino games. The money in the account is the same as well, although the different bonus offers will likely be applicable to only one of the three products.

It is not yet legal to bet on politics, TV competitions, and esports in the US, although you can bet esports through FanDuel PA DFS.

FanDuel Pennsylvania Sportsbook: Deposit And Cashout 5.0

The available methods to deposit at the FanDuel Pennsylvania sportsbook span every conceivable preference.?

Even if you don?t have any of the listed options, you can choose to send them a check or make a direct bank deposit.

You can also reach out to their customer service department to see if they can accommodate an unlisted banking method.

Deposit MethodType/Notes
MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American ExpressCredit Card
FanDuel Prepaid CardApply directly through the FanDuel PA website
Online Bank TransferDeposits directly from checking account
Wire TransferFanDuel PA will reimburse wire transfer fees for deposits over $100

The withdrawal methods at FanDuel are also designed for convenience. You can choose to cashout via these methods:

  • Check by mail
  • Direct deposit
  • PayPal
  • FanDuel Prepaid Card
  • Cash

To receive your winnings in cash, you?ll need to go to the cage at the FanDuel land-based partner Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, PA. Some bettors choose legal Pennsylvania sportsbooks based on the closest partnering casino for this very reason.

To increase your deposit maximum or to discuss alternative forms of cashout methods, reach out directly to the FanDuel PA customer care team.

FanDuel PA Sports: Mobile App

Grade: 5.0/5.0

The FanDuel app has been accessible to people all across the US since 2013 for DFS betting. But there was uncertainty about how the FanDuel PA Sportsbook would integrate into the existing structure.

The good news is that it fits in flawlessly. You have access to all the DFS betting as well as the full sportsbook catalog, including every market and type of bet. You can also stream games directly through the app, and everything is optimized for mobile devices.

The FanDuel PA app is available through Android and iOS. However, the Android e-reader, Microsoft Surface, and Google Chromebook are incompatible. But you can access the FanDuel website through those apps and anything with an internet connection and GPS services.

Through the FanDuel app in Pennsylvania, you can create an account from scratch or login to your existing account. You can also deposit and withdraw.

If you don?t want to use the FanDuel app but want to play on your mobile device, you can visit the FanDuel site via a web browser app in your phone, although the functionality likely won?t be as good.

Is The FanDuel Sportsbook In Pennsylvania Legit?

Yes. The state of Pennsylvania legalizing online sports betting didn?t mean you were suddenly able to bet on sports online. You could do that since the 1990s. Instead, the benefit is that you can now know for sure that the site you?re betting through is legit.

FanDuel Sportsbook Is Legal In PA

You can?t be a licensed online sportsbook in Pennsylvania without being legitimate. You need to apply for a license, undergo regular audits and maintain transparency at all times.?

If you?re located in Pennsylvania, any offshore sportsbook isn?t guaranteed to be legit no matter how good its reputation, because it?s offering its services in violation of PA state law.

Oversight By The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

A notoriously strict and thorough regulatory body, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board doesn?t just approve applicants just for paying the registration fee. Everything needs to be 100% operational, internal controls need to be established, and operators undergo extensive inspections on a regular basis.?

FanDuel is also one of the most high-profile sports betting brands on the planet. You can?t reach that level of prominence and rip players off without getting shut down.

Partnership With Valley Forge Casino Resort

If FanDuel is found in violation of Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board regulations, so too is Valley Forge Casino Resort, FanDuel PA?s brick-and-mortar casino partner. Imagine the potential loss of revenue if both were interrupted for even a day much less shut down. They have no reason to risk that, and therefore it?s almost 100% certain that they never will.

Glowing Reviews From Players And Experts

Betting websites are notoriously rated harshly because many of their one-star reviews are posted by players who lost. That?s not to say that some online sportsbooks don?t deserve bad reviews. It?s more of a testament to how incredible it is to see such consistently positive reviews from both average bettors and respected industry experts.?

Why Choose The FanDuel PA Sportsbook Over Illegal Betting Sites?

The number one biggest risk of betting at an illegal online sportsbook is the lack of recourse you have. If you?re even mildly concerned about whether a site you?re playing at is legit, then you should avoid playing at any offshore sports betting sites.

However, some players may still be tempted based on better odds or more enticing bonus offers. Here?s why neither is worth the risk:

Odds Are Just As Good (Or Better) At FanDuel Sportsbook PA

We?d be surprised if you could find an illegal site with better odds than FanDuel. Even illegal sites will have bookmaker odds based on the amount of business they generate. Few compare to the pure number of customers at FanDuel.

Special Features Are More Than Satisfying

With special features like multi-sport parlay bets, live streams, and odds boosters, you?ll routinely discover new ways the FanDuel PA Sportsbook keeps things exciting. We doubt that an illegal site will offer something more exciting that?s worth the risk. If they do, take it as a red flag and read up on it.

Bonuses Aren?t Weighed Down By Ridiculous Terms & Conditions

If you do see a bonus at an illegal site that?s so good you?d be crazy not to take advantage, take a moment to read through the terms and conditions.?

At many of these offshore sites, bonuses are tied to playthrough (also known as rollover) requirements. These can be 35x all the way up to 55x or more, especially if it?s a ?no-deposit bonus.??

What that means is that you?d need to bet the bonus and deposit times whatever the playthrough requirement. If it?s $1,000 and the playthrough is 35x, you?d need to bet $35,000 before you could cashout.

That?s not just egregious, it?s basically setting you up to burn it all and never make a withdrawal.

Why Can You Trust FanDuel Pennsylvania Sportsbook With Your Money?

Beyond being a legit online sportsbook available to people in Pennsylvania, FanDuel PA also takes special care to ensure your finances and personal information is safe and secure.

For one thing, they require your social security number on signup to make sure it?s you when you request a withdraw (it?s also required for taxes). Otherwise, someone could use your identity to create multiple accounts, especially those who have been banned for cheating.

The FanDuel PA sportsbook also offers two-factor authentication. This is where you have a unique six-digit code that pops up on your mobile device no matter where you log in from. If someone tries to access your account, they can?t get past the initial login screen without also having access to your phone.

Like all legitimate e-commerce websites, FanDuel employs the highest level of SSL encryption and internal monitoring. They also have a lucrative bug bounty program that encourages white hat hackers to find potential security weaknesses and report them before they can be exploited.

FanDuel also allows customers to limit their account access or have themselves permanently blocked from the site and app. This is most commonly done to combat gambling addiction.

FanDuel Pennsylvania Sportsbook Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be to play at FanDuel PA?21 and up
What states is the FanDuel sportsbook legal in?Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Indiana, and Colorado  
Who is FanDuel PA’s partner casino?Valley Forge Casino Resort
FanDuel Sportsbook launch date in PennsylvaniaJuly 2019

FanDuel Sports Betting In Pennsylvania FAQ

What Is The Age Requirement For The FanDuel Sportsbook In PA?

21. The legal age to gamble in Pennsylvania?is the same as drinking alcohol: 21 and up. They verify this number by requesting name and birth date that has to match your social security number.?

Allowing someone under 21 to play through your account will result in you being banned and could get you reported to the authorities.

Do You Need To Be Located In Pennsylvania To Bet At The FanDuel PA Sportsbook?

Yes. And you need to have location tracking activated on your device so that FanDuel can verify your location.

However, you do not need to be a legal resident of Pennsylvania to bet the FanDuel Sportsbook PA, you just need to be within state lines.

You can make an account and deposit from outside the state, but you can?t bet or cash out.

How Many Sports Are Available For Betting At The FanDuel Sportsbook In Pennsylvania?

You can currently bet on at least 17 different types of sports from the FanDuel Sportsbook PA app or website, although there may be more or less depending on the season or how the catalog develops.?

Here is a list of each type of sport:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • College Basketball
  • College Football
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis

Is In-Play Betting Available At FanDuel PA Sportsbook?

Yes. Just because the game is underway doesn?t mean the betting stops. Also known as live betting and props, you can place in-play bets that are specific to the overall game, a specific team, or a specific player.

This feature is yet another reason why you?re better off playing here than any illegal online sportsbook.

Who Is The Partner Casino Of The FanDuel Sportsbook in PA?

Valley Forge Casino Resort. Located in King of Prussia, PA, the Valley Forge Casino Resort is situated about 30 minutes outside of Philadelphia. You can head there to receive your FanDuel PA sportsbook winnings in cash.

Are Esports Available To Bet On At The FanDuel PA Sportsbook?

No. You cannot bet on esports at the FanDuel Sportsbook in Pennsylvania. This is because esports are not identified as a sport by the Pennsylvania Control Board. And because many esports teams have players under the age of 18, there?s a good chance that esports will never be a legal bet.

However, you can bet on esports through the FanDuel DFS platform.