DraftKings PA Online Casino Review

In the US, most bettors know DraftKings as a Daily Fantasy Sports platform. But folks in Pennsylvania (and a few other states) have access to the DraftKings Online Sportsbook and Online Casino. In this DraftKings PA Online Casino review, we’ll walk through the casino side specifically, and see how the site compares to the handful of other legal casino options available in Pennsylvania.

Who Should Try DraftKings PA?

If you enjoy quality table games, a variety of slots, and live casino rooms, you’ll find something that excites you at DraftKings PA. The promotions are also pretty enticing, which give you bonus money when you join as well as a risk-free trial period.

DraftKings PA Online Casino Promo Code

DraftKings PA Promo Code
Deposit BonusUp to $1500
What States Allow CasinoPA, NJ, MI, WV
Casino's Land-Based PartnerThe Meadows Racetrack & Casino
Promo Code Verified For

DraftKings PA: Bonus And Promotions 3.5/5.0

DraftKings offers a 100% deposit match up to $1500 for its online casino. There is a 10x playthrough requirement.

However, many players tend to avoid welcome bonuses because of the high playthrough requirements. Normally, you have to bet 10x your deposit plus bonus before you can withdraw your winnings. This is the case with DraftKings Casino.

Other DraftKings PA promotions are rotating and can be tied to new game releases, upcoming holidays, and so on. Typically, it involves receiving DK$ for placing real-money bets. With a 1x playthrough, that’s basically risk-free betting.

At the end of the day, the DraftKings sportsbook bonuses would get a 5.0/5.0. But the casino choices are relatively weak compared to other casinos, even with the great T&Cs.

DraftKings Casino In PA: Slot Depth And Variety 4.5/5.0

The DraftKings Casino has a massive selection of slots. The robust catalog spans every type of game and genre imaginable, including a rich selection of themes. You’ll find immersive 5-reel games with bonuses as well as classic 3-reels.

With that being said, the navigation is limited to alphabetical order. You can’t filter by type of game or theme. Instead, you have to scroll through every option individually. This makes it a bit of an endeavor to find your favorite type of slot. That’s where the DraftKings Pennsylvania casino loses a half-point in our grading system.

The excellent selection extends to games beyond slots as well. At DraftKings PA, you can play their exclusive variations of sports-themed blackjack and roulette. And they host several versions of video poker.

But one of the most standout features of the DraftKings casino in PA (beyond the slots) is the live casino rooms. Real-life dealers are live-streamed from physical tables and spin real roulette wheels or deal actual cards. There’s a table text chat, the dealers will interact with the players, and you can even tip. It’s the closest thing to visiting a brick-and-mortar casino from home.

Overall, the DraftKings PA casino is approachable but varied enough to attract all types of bettors. But if a casino is offering this many slots, though, we should be able to search for the one we want by type, not by name. Otherwise, how are we supposed to discover something new and exciting?

DraftKings Pennsylvania Casino: Deposit And Cashout 5.0/5.0

Online casinos want to make it easy for you to deposit money and to start betting, DraftKings PA included. Just like an online store, they know that the quickest way to have a potential new customer lose interest is to make the payments process frustrating.

When you sign up at DraftKings, you can choose to make a deposit then or simply register an account. When you are ready to deposit, simply head to MY ACCOUNT and click Deposit on the left side. They have some preset amounts for convenience, like $25, $100, or $250, but you can also set a custom amount.

The minimum deposit at DraftKings PA is $5, and the maximum is $2,000.

Both deposit and cashout (also called withdrawal) methods are standard. For the former, you can use your credit card, and PayPal is compatible with both. You can also choose to receive your winnings via check in the mail.

Cashout processing times are quick, but it may take a few days to receive your winnings through PayPal. Check by mail can take up to 14 days.

Overall, the streamlined deposit and withdrawal structure on top of the convenient payment options earn DraftKings PA banking methods a perfect score.

DraftKings PA: Mobile App 4.5/5.0

If you also bet on sports, then the DraftKings app is perfect. Available for iOS and Android, it features the entirety of the online sportsbook as well as all the casino games, making it a well-rounded gambling platform on your mobile device.

But if you only play casino games, which is the focus of this DraftKings Pennsylvania casino review, then it’s a bit too cluttered.

First off, it’s called the DraftKings Sportsbook App, which is already a bad sign. Then when you open it up and log in to your account, you? re brought to the sportsbook. At the top tab, you click casino, and it’s there that you can play all the casino games. It’s a minor inconvenience but one worth mentioning.

Otherwise, we have no complaints about the DraftKings PA Online Casino App. All the casino games are optimized for your mobile device, geared toward taps and swipes versus clicks.

But perhaps best of all, you can play all the live casino games from your mobile device as well. At offshore online casinos, you can even enter some of the live casino rooms through mobile-phone VR. This means it’s likely around the corner at Pennsylvania online casinos like DraftKings.

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Is The DraftKings Pennsylvania Casino Legit?

It doesn’t get more legit than a legally licensed online casino in the United States. Here are the key reasons why DraftKings PA is no exception:

One Of The Strictest Licensing Bodies In Online Gaming

The incredibly strict oversight and stringent licensing requirements ensure that only a select few operators are allowed to offer their games to Pennsylvania residents. In fact, the state regulator only allows a maximum of 13 online casino licenses.

A Small Pool Means Easier Oversight

There are only 13 retail casinos total across all of Pennsylvania. An online casino needs to be in partnership with a brick-and-mortar casino to receive a license. Of those available licenses, fewer than a dozen exist. It’s not difficult for a governmental body to ensure oversight of all those casinos.

To put it into perspective, the nation of Malta is a notorious tax haven for online casino operators. On just one website that recommends illegal online casinos, they list 80 brands based in Malta. This list doesn’t include the companies they don’t recommend. That is an onerous task for any regulator. The number of casinos in Pennslyvania, on the other hand, is completely manageable.

Two Trustworthy Brands In One

In Pennsylvania, you? re not merely trusting an online casino operator. The land-based casino stands behind the reputation of the online casinos.

In DraftKings PA’s case, they? ve partnered with The Meadows Racetrack & Casino, which is located in the Pittsburgh area. Both brands boast extremely strong reputations for fairness and legitimacy. However, there’s no reason to take their word for it. Government oversight means you can trust the online casino as much as their retail partner.

Regular Auditing

Part of the oversight for online casinos in Pennsylvania is regular auditing. This ensures ongoing fairness within each game’s random number generator (RNG). The odds for all digital games are algorithmically designed to ensure the same level of fairness as their digital counterparts.

Stellar Reputation From Players And Experts Alike

With licensed PA operators like DraftKings, you know beyond a doubt that you have a fair chance of winning every bet. That’s unrivaled peace of mind, especially when compared to offshore betting sites.

If you look through all the reviews online, you’ll notice that we’re not the only ones who feel that way.

Why Choose DraftKings PA Over Illegal Betting Sites?

When we play at an online casino, the point is to have fun by risking money in the hopes of a reward. But playing at an illegal online casino is the not-fun version of risking money.

It’s one thing to take a chance on a game and lose. It’s another to take a chance on an offshore online casino and lose your entire deposit. Worse, your credit card information could be compromised. But the easiest way for unlicensed online casinos to rip you off is to simply rig the games.

What If The Illegal Casino Is Legit?

The best-case scenario of playing at an offshore online casino is that the operator is above-board. You deposit, play fair games, and receive your winnings, just like you would at DraftKings PA. You can look for indications of legitimacy. This includes whether they’re independently audited as well as whether there are unbiased reviews.

However, even the “legitimate” offshore online casinos are breaking the law by offering their services to folks in the US. And while you as a player (almost certainly) won’t face punishment criminally for betting at an illegal casino, you’ll have zero recourse if anything goes wrong.

Other Ways Offshore Casinos Can Rip You Off

The obvious aside, there are more obscure ways an illegal betting site can take your money ? all while pretending everything is above board. These include:

  • Ridiculous bonus terms, like 50x playthrough requirements before you can withdraw.
  • High minimum withdrawals of $100 or higher.
  • Limited payout frequency for big wins, like a withdrawal maximum of $10,000 per month.
  • Account suspension for no reason, wherein they?ll accuse the player of suspicious behavior when there wasn’t any and withhold access to the account, including the money in the player’s bankroll.

If you’re in a state that doesn’t have licensed online casinos, then maybe it makes sense to take a chance with a top-rated offshore option. But if you’re located in Pennsylvania, there are so many great legal options it’s just too risky to go with an illegal choice.

Why Can You Trust DraftKings Pennsylvania With Your Money?

To gamble responsibly means that no one can be trusted with your money except for you. Just like walking into a brick-and-mortar casino, it’s up to you to bet no more than you can afford to lose. Gambling is about having fun, not about making money. You should always play like you’re buying admission to the fun, not to win money.

But that aside, DraftKings PA has a host of methods to protect your finances and personal information. This includes:

  • State-of-the-art SSL encryption
  • Transparent and easy-to-read privacy policy
  • Glowing malware security score from top-tier sites

Realistic Player Interaction

We were blown away by the customer care that goes into the DraftKings PA table games. If you choose to hit on blackjack when the odds say you should stay, a popup will appear that asks if you’re sure.

Dealers at brick-and-mortar casinos will likely do the same thing. And while you can’t ask digital blackjack whether you should hit, stay, double down, or split, it’s nice to know you have a bit of insurance. It’s totally unnecessary and a great indication of how safe your money is, generally speaking, at DraftKings in Pennsylvania.

DraftKings PA Online Casino Fact Sheet

How do you have to be to play at DraftKings PA?21
In what states is the DraftKings Casino legal in?Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Who is the partner of DraftKings in Pennsylvania?The Meadows Racetrack & Casino
When did DraftKings Casino launch in Pennsylvania?May 1, 2020

DraftKings PA Online Casino FAQ?

As players ourselves, we had some initial and essential questions before diving into this DraftKings PA review. These are our most asked questions:

Has Pennsylvania Legalized Online Casinos?

Yes. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board has 13 licenses that correspond with the 13 existing brick-and-mortar casinos. If the online casino holds one of those licenses, then they are legal to play.

However, if the state of Pennsylvania does not license a betting site, they are an illegal site. Placing bets on an illegal site is against PA law.

Can You Play DraftKings PA From A Mobile Phone?

Yes. The DraftKings Sportsbook App also houses its full casino game catalog.

Since its 2020 debut, all online casinos are available via your mobile device. However, some may only be available through your web browsing app. That means you?d need to type in www [dot] casino name [dot] com and log in to your account. This is not the best option but is typical with many online casinos.

What Type Of Casino Games Are Available At DraftKings PA?

While DraftKings PA does not offer online craps, pretty much every other type of casino game is represented. This includes:

  • Dozens of slots
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Casino Poker (Three-Card, Hold’em, Stud)
  • Video Poker
  • Dream Catcher (Wheel of Fortune)

The live casino games include:

  • Baccarat Live
  • Blackjack Live
  • Infinite Blackjack Live (unlimited players)
  • Roulette Live
  • Three-Card Poker Live

Do You Need To Be A Pennsylvania Resident To Play At The DraftKings Casino?

No. You simply need to be located within the state lines of Pennsylvania or New Jersey to play the DraftKings online casino.

Furthermore, you need to be physically located in Pennsylvania or New Jersey to bet at the DraftKings Casino, even if you? re a resident of either state. You cannot bet from outside state lines.

Is There A No-Deposit Free Bonus For Signing Up At DraftKings Casino in PA?

At this time, no. Unfortunately, on the casino side of DraftKings PA, the only welcome bonus is a deposit match bonus up to $1,500.

But at the time of writing this DraftKings Casino PA review, it has just launched. That means there’s a very good chance the promotions and bonuses will be different by the time you read this. Hopefully, they join the other casinos and offer a solid welcome bonus. Simply having good terms and conditions isn’t going to cut it for long.

What Is The Legal Age To Gamble At The DraftKings PA Online Casino?

Anyone 21 and over and located in the state of PA is free to bet at the DraftKings Casino in Pennsylvania. The same is true for brick-and-mortar casinos.