PA Online Casino Apps

Online casino players located in Pennsylvania have access to a variety of licensed betting sites. Many of these legal online casino apps make it easy to play games on mobile devices. In fact, even online casinos that don?t offer an app are available via web browser from both desktop and mobile.

However, the selection of online casino apps in PA is limited if you?re an iOS user. This is because the Apple Store is a lot stricter about what it allows than the Google Play store. Meeting the standards for an iPhone or iPad user is simply beyond the scope of most PA online casinos.

Still, there are a few Pennsylvania online casinos that offer casino apps for both devices. The legal online casino market in Pennsylvania is also relatively new. That means the launch of more apps is a likely development of the foreseeable future.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Legal Online Casino Apps In Pennsylvania?

Online casino apps in Pennsylvania go beyond the ability to bet on the go. These apps house games that are optimized for touchscreen navigation and smaller screens. It?s a noticeable difference compared to entering the online casino from your phone?s mobile browser.

However, when you play at a legal online casino in Pennsylvania, the device doesn?t matter in terms of fairness. That?s why it?s so important to make sure the betting website is locally licensed. Otherwise, you could be playing rigged online casino games.

Thankfully, all legal online casinos in Pennsylvania, whether available via app or desktop, are regularly audited to ensure fairness. These games use random number generators (RNG) to mirror the odds of their physical counterparts.?

For example, playing American Roulette at a brick-and-mortar casino in Pennsylvania has the exact same winning potential and strategy as the online casino version of the same game.

How To Install Online Casino Apps On An Android Device

No matter what type of device you have, the first step is always to make sure you?re joining a legal online casino. Weigh the different options to make sure it?s the one that suits your style of play as well.?

Once you?ve made a selection, follow these steps to install the online casino app onto an Android device:

  1. Visit the online casino website.
  2. Click the ?mobile? tab or button for a direct link to the app in the Google Play store.
  3. Download the app.
  4. Sign up by following the steps, or log in to your existing account.
  5. Deposit money, play the casino games, withdraw winnings, all from your Android device.

It?s important to follow these steps rather than search the name of the online casino in the Google Play store, which does not allow gambling apps. Further, a fake app could be listed in the store faster than it?s spotted and reported.

How To Install Online Casino Apps On An Apple iOS Device

It may be easier to visit the online casino website and click the link to the Apple Store download. But it?s not essential like it is with an Android casino app. This is because the Apple Store is far more discerning about what it allows into its catalog. If you see an app in the Apple Store that?s listed as the Pennsylvania online casino that you want to join, it?s not a fake.

Here are the steps to install an online casino app on an Apple iOS device:

  1. Search the name of the casino in the Apple Store.
  2. Install the casino app onto your device.
  3. Open the app on your home screen.
  4. Follow the signup steps.
  5. You can then deposit and withdraw.
  6. In order to bet, make sure you?re located in the state of Pennsylvania.

Online casinos with an Android but not an iOS app usually don?t have their apps listed in either store. And only Android devices allow you to download apps directly from a site rather than through Google Play (or the Apple Store).?

3 Best Online Casino Apps In Pennsylvania

The top three best online casino apps in Pennsylvania?DraftKings, FanDuel, and Parx?were carefully selected against the other available options.?

PokerStars has very limited selection of casino games. The SugarHouse and BetRivers apps are only available for Android. And the Hollywood Casino catalog of casino games for both desktop and mobile is terrible.

Not only are the best PA online casino apps available for both iOS and Android, they?re fantastic.

1. DraftKings PA Casino App

The DraftKings PA casino is the number one best online casino app in Pennsylvania. It has a low occurrence of unexpectedly freezing or quitting. The full selection of casino games is available. And you can seamlessly bet at the DraftKings PA sportsbook through the same app.

In fact, the only downside to DraftKings is its size. At 254.8 MB for the iOS, this is likely one of the biggest apps you?ll have on your iPhone. The sports betting section on top of all the casino games makes it a bit unwieldy.

You also have access to all the DraftKings PA casino and sportsbook bonuses and promotions through the app version.

2. FanDuel PA Casino App

The FanDuel PA casino app comes in as the second-best option in Pennsylvania. While not as robust as the DraftKings PA app, the consistent quality and lack of bugs puts it far ahead of most of the other options.

The biggest downside to the FanDuel casino app is definitely the lack of games. You can play roulette, blackjack, and a handful of slots, but it?s nothing compared to their desktop site: the BetFair PA casino.

But like the DraftKings app, the FanDuel casino app is also the FanDuel sportsbook app. That means you can bet on both sides of the casino using the same account.

So, if you like betting on sports and don?t need a huge variety of casino games, the ?FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino? app is a great choice.

3. Parx PA Casino App

The fact that the Parx PA Casino App is the third best is a testament to how bad the rest of the market is. Parx is one of the only other online casinos that offers an app for both iOS and Android, and its 2.6 star rating is a lot better than the UniBet app?s 1.7 stars.

Still, the Parx PA Casino has the most casino games, even more than DraftKings. It?s available for iPhones and iPads, and it?s a legitimate online casino with fair games that can pay out big.

However, the app is known to freeze and quit mid-game. Players have posted about the app constantly logging them out, forcing them to log back in. Overall, the Parx Casino app is as mediocre as its reviews suggest.

DraftKings Casino AppFanDuel Casino AppParx Casino App
iOS AppYes (254.8 MB)Yes (22.6 MB)Yes (110.9 MB)
Android AppYes (85.6 MB)Yes (22 MB)Yes (26 MB)
Average Review in App Store4.8 stars4.7 stars2.6 stars
Notable GamesExclusive roulette and blackjack variationsSlots powered by BetFairThree versions of roulette

Can I Play Blackjack Games At Pennsylvania?s Legal Casino Apps?

Yes. The most popular casino game outside of slots, blackjack, is available in all the online casino apps in PA.

What?s The Best Type Of Blackjack At An Online Casino?

The lower the house edge, the better the version of blackjack. That makes Single Deck Blackjack the best variation of digital online blackjack. However, the table minimum will likely be significantly higher than the six- to eight-deck varieties.

Another great option is Live Dealer blackjack. This is where real-life dealers are live-streamed to your screen and use real decks of cards. That means the decks aren?t shuffled every time, they?re played through just like at a brick-and-mortar casino.

The worst type of online blackjack bet is any side bet, which also exists in land-based casinos. If you want the highest return to player (RTP), never place a side bet.

Is Mobile Blackjack Better Than Desktop Blackjack?

Mobile blackjack is the exact same as desktop blackjack. The only difference is the ability to tap rather than click.?

It also stands to reason that the larger the screen size, the more immersive the game. So, if anything, the desktop version is better. However, the winning potential is consistent no matter the platform.

How Does Online Blackjack Compare To Physical Blackjack?

If you play standard digital online blackjack, all the decks are shuffled between every single hand. That means you can?t go on the kind of streaks that you can at a land-based casino. That?s also why Live Dealer blackjack is one of the best options for playing blackjack at an online casino. It?s the real thing (minus the drink service).

Does Online Blackjack Warn Me About Making A Bad Move?

Many of the blackjack variations will have a popup that says, ?Are you sure?? when you choose to hit when the odds say you should stay. You then click no if you chose it by mistake, or yes if you were going for a risky move.

How Can Players Deposit Money In Online Casino Apps In PA?

Methods To Deposit Money Using An Online Casino App

You can deposit through the online casino app in Pennsylvania the same way you deposit through the desktop versions of the site.

Typically speaking, the electronic deposit methods include credit and debit cards, bank transfer, and e-wallets like PayPal and Skrill.

You can also create an account through the app but deposit in-person at various locations. Most online casinos in PA utilize PayNearMe locations for deposits. At places like CVS and 7Eleven, you can pay in cash, receive a receipt with a confirmation code, and deposit using that code.

Some online casinos also allow you to deposit at the land-based partner casino. You take your cash to the cage, provide your account details, and deposit in-person.

You can also deposit via mobile or desktop and have access to all the funds no matter what device you?re using. That means you can deposit on your desktop, then log in to your account through the mobile app ? or vice versa. Either way, your finances will be accessible.

Deposits and withdrawal requests are also available from outside the state of Pennsylvania. However, you?ll need to be located within state lines to make a real-money bet.?

Android Users

Android users can deposit in an online casino through the casino app. Another option is to visit the online casino?s website via the web browser app.?

Because Android users in Pennsylvania have access to more online casino apps than iOS users, they?re able to deposit via mobile app at more casinos.

Determining whether to deposit via mobile or desktop is up to you. There?s no difference other than personal preference.

Apple iOS Users

The most important thing to mention about depositing via an iOS app is that your deposit methods are the same. You don?t have access to additional options like iTunes gift card or Apple Pay. If it?s available through the desktop or app version of the online casino, it?s available through both.

Getting An Edge At Mobile Online Casinos

No matter what casino game you play, whether it?s online or in-person, the house has an advantage. If you play for long enough, the casino will win all of your money. It?s a mathematical certainty.

So the secret is to choose the games with the lowest house edge (highest player advantage) and knowing when to stop.?

You should also never play with more than you can afford to lose. Think of gambling like paying admission to a theme park. You?re paying to have fun, and winning is just a fun bonus.

Try Video Poker – It?s A High Payback Game

Video poker is often considered a throwaway game because it?s commonly available at the bars. But don?t get them confused with slots. The Jacks or Better variation of video poker has a house edge of just 1% or so, while many slots have a 10% to 30% house edge.

Read The Fine Print On Bonuses And Promotions

There?s no such thing as no-strings-attached free money at the online casino. No matter what, you?ll need to bet with the bonus money. The question is how much of it you?ll need to bet before you can make a withdrawal.

Before signing up for a bonus or promotion, read the fine print. See what it says about playthrough or rollover requirements. If you have to bet 25x your bonus to withdraw and you have $100 in bonus cash, you?d need to bet $2,500.

The playthrough requirement may only apply to specific games too. For example, 100% of bets on slots can count, while only 10% of table games or video poker count toward the requirements.

Some online casino apps in Pennsylvania have fantastic playthrough requirements. SugarHouse PA Casino has a playthrough of just 1x, while the FOX Bet casino requires 25x your bonus amount.

Check To See If The Casino App Provides RTP Percentages For Slots

Return to player (RTP) is the same as the house edge, just the other side of the coin. If the RTP on a slot machine is 90%, that means the house edge of 10%.

What the RTP means is how much money the average player can expect to keep. If you play a slot with 90% RTP with $100, you should expect to lose $10. However, that?s just a guideline on the averages, meaning you could still lose all $100 or win a million and any amount between.

So it?s a good idea to see if the online casino app lists the RTP for their slots. If you can?t find them listed, ask the customer service chat agent. You may also be able to find the RTP of specific games through a simple Google search.?

Is Using A Legal Online Casino App In Pennsylvania Safe?

Yes. Licensed online casino apps in PA are safe. As long as you can verify that it?s a legal, legitimate betting site and that the app is the same brand, then you can bet with total confidence that the games are fair.?

What Are Some Of The Reasons To Use A Legal Online Casino App Versus An Illegal Site?

You?re not going to be able to find an illegal casino app available in the Apple Store. And the Google Play store doesn?t even list online casino or sportsbook apps. So right off the bat, playing at a legal online casino means playing on a legit casino app.

But if you do join an illegal online casino, you run the risk of your money being stolen. The games could be rigged, and they may refuse to pay out your winnings. If that happens, you have no real recourse because you broke the law.?

You may be able to report the situation to third-party offshore companies. But the odds are not on your side that you?ll receive your money.

The terms and conditions at an illegal betting site will often be convoluted. The playthrough requirements will probably be 50x your bonus or more. And the illegal sites are where you?ll see that certain games don?t count toward the rollover requirements at all.

An offshore online casino is breaking Pennsylvania law to offer their services to you. That should be a bright red flag to avoid them.?

If you lived in a state where online casinos are illegal, then we would understand giving it some thought. But when you have access to a bunch of high-quality, legitimate online casino apps, why risk it?

How Can You Tell The App Is From A Legal Online Casino?

The easiest way to tell if an app is from a legal site is to use the link directly on the online casino desktop site. Visit the page on your mobile device?s web browser, click the direct link, and use that download.?

This is even safer than searching for it in the app store itself, since you may even end up downloading a different product that just takes up space on your device.

Is My Money Safe On An Online Casino App In Pennsylvania?

Yes. The legal online casino apps in Pennsylvania have SSL encryption and other security measures in place to keep your finances and personal information secure. It?s the same level of security that you?ll find on the desktop version of the site.

However, it?s tough not to feel like your money is a little less safe on apps that can quit out unexpectedly. Imagine getting a flush on video poker and before you can make the final draw, the app quits. When you reopen it, you?re back at the home screen, and the bet money is returned to your account.?

That?s not exactly taking your money, but you?re losing out on those winnings. That?s why it?s crucial to play at the best online casino apps ? or play exclusively on the desktop versions.

Legal Online Casino Apps In Pennsylvania: Common Questions

Who regulates online casino apps in Pennsylvania?

The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) regulates all casino operations for the state. That means both the casinos themselves as well as any online and mobile products.?

As one of the strictest regulatory bodies in the United States, the PGCB is one of the strictest on the planet. That means they?re likely a hassle if you?re an operator, and a great ally if you?re a player with a dispute, which they take extremely seriously.

What kinds of online casino games are available in these casino apps in PA?

All the online casino games that you would expect are available in the apps. However, the app may have a reduced selection compared to the desktop version of the site. This depends on the brand.?

It?s also worth reiterating that online casinos in PA are still new and developing. There?s a good chance that the existing apps will get better ? and that new casino apps will pop up.

Can I access live dealer games through online apps in Pennsylvania?

There are currently no online casino apps that offer live dealer games. However, some desktop betting sites do offer it.

That means you can play live dealer games at PA online casinos. And if you log in to your account through the web browser app on your mobile device, the live dealers are available just like any other game.?

Are legal online casino apps in PA available in Apple?s App Store?

Yes. Apple?s App Store lists legal online casino apps available in Pennsylvania. They also do an excellent job of blocking any fake online casino apps from popping up in their catalog.

However, the easiest way to find the right app is to click the link directly on the online casino site. That will automatically open the App Store so you can know for sure you?re downloading the right product.

Are legal online casino apps in PA available in the Google Play store?

No. The Google Play store does not allow gambling apps. They do offer Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) apps, so you can find FanDuel and DraftKings apps. But they?re not the sportsbook and casino apps available for Android, they?re exclusively DFS apps.

The reason Google Play blocks gambling apps is probably because they don?t have a strict vetting process. Rather than suddenly initiate strict vetting, it?s easier to just have the online casino offer the download link directly through their site.

Does DraftKings have a casino app in Pennsylvania?

Yes. The DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino app is the best online casino app in the state. This is because of the game selection and consistently high-quality performance.?

It may get a close competitor as the PA online casino market evolves. But for now, DraftKings PA casino app is the best ? and there?s not even a close second.